Window Shutters

Posted on September 4th, 2014

Let’s talk Window Shutters

Thinking about modifying your home? Why not upgrade to something stunning, safe, and durable.  No need to worry about ruining your decor, select from a wide range of designs that best suit both your interior and exterior designs.

Exterior and Interior Shutters

Both exterior and interior Shutters were specifically designed for light control, privacy and protection. They can protect your windows from flying debris and eliminate the need for bug spray, as they can stop insects from finding their way into your home.

And while some people worry about the design of the house from the outside, most shutters are perfectly aesthetic and will actually add to the curb appeal of your property.

What are the best kinds of Window shutters?

Choosing a window shutter can be difficult but remember it is important to select one that is installed to protect your windows. Go for a window shutter that is designed specifically for your home. Choose one that compliments your furnishing, the colour of your inside and outside walls and the overall design of your house. Ensure that the colour blends in well with the entire décor and be creative when you select from a wide range of various styles and colours.

Reasons why every house should have Shutters


Shutters help increase the safety of your home in many different ways. For one, shutters can be of great help during strong winds and storms that bring along hail and flying debris of all sorts. They can also lower the chance of break ins and home invasions at night, as they increase the difficulty of entering the house.


Home should be a place where there is a maximum amount of privacy. Shutters and blinds can help increase the level of privacy within the house. Shutters can keep out unwanted looks from both nosy neighbours and those walking or driving by the house.

Light Control

Having the perfect lighting in your home can be relaxing, soothing and refreshing. Even the plants and animals will benefit from this perfect luminosity. Shutters allow you to set your mood. In addition to that, shutters can help you save electricity. By keeping out light during times when you’re not at home, you can help to keep your home from heating up and lower the need for air conditioning as a result.


When you are shopping for your blinds and shutters, you should definitely have an eye for great quality. Buying shutters of low quality, even if they are beautiful, will only lead to repeat purchases and frustration as a result. By buying great quality shutters that are made to last, you will be able to enjoy their benefits for a lot longer, without the need to repeatedly spend money.

Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens fear that shutters are too hard to use for them. However, most shutters and blinds are perfectly suitable for elderly people. It is not hackling, it doesn’t take a lot of energy or strength, it is easy to use and it is extremely convenient. For people who are disabled, there are shutters available that can be controlled by just a click of a button.

All in all, shutters are a must have! Protecting your family and home is extremely important and the right set of shutters and blinds can help you do so.

Blind Inspiration shutters are durable and help you to save money in the long run.

You can Contact Blind inspiration and its friendly staff for further information on the many products and services offered via Tel: 1300 925 463   or email at


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Blinds: 3-5 years Australian made

Awnings: 10 years

Shutters: up to 20 years

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